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Key Commission Agent

Revenue Leakage & Operational inefficiencies due to supply chain challenges

Management Management

Generation of traffic and leads

With the availability of so multiple options of platforms, it’s hard to know where to concentrate in order to get further traffic and leads.

Awareness Awareness

Providing ROI

Way for marketers to know the result of any campaign, understand the effectiveness of a particular crusade or content,etc.

Redundancy Redundancy

Budget Issue

The organization has a defined amount allocated for marketing conditioning due to which many important tools remain unused.

Inefficient Logistics Inefficient Logistics

Identifying the right technology

Every customer has different need and it’s not necessary one technology goes with all the customer’s issue/ demand.

Why Lead Generation?

Traderaise Advantage


Commission-based Pay

Generate revenue through a commission earned on every transaction

Product Catalogue

Manage Expenses

Helps manage payroll expenses

Supply Chain

New customers

Attract new customers by offering Western Union money transfer services

Last Mile Delivery

Increase Revenues

Increase your footfall and earnings by usingcross-selling openings.

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