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Key Challenges Identified

Revenue Leakage & Operational inefficiencies due to supply chain challenges

Management Management

Inadequate Investment Validation

The developing nature of the markets in which microfinance sector operate, the market activity is often limited.

Awareness Awareness


Fast- paced growth needs proper infrastructural planning, in which the Indian microfinance sector putatively lacks.

Redundancy Redundancy

Regulatory Issues

needs and the structure of microfinance sector are entirely different

Inefficient Logistics Inefficient Logistics

Lack of Enough Awareness

There is a severe lack of awareness of financial services provided

Why Distributors loan facility?

Traderaise Advantage


Bridge the liquidity gap

Permitting the distributor to ground the liquidity gap between the purchase of force and payments entered from its guests

Product Catalogue

Increased credit

Increased credit for distributors based on the existence of actual financial

Supply Chain

Lower cost

Credit for distributors at a lower cost than what would be available from traditional banking sources.

Last Mile Delivery

Expand Your Market

Now, have the opportunity to expand into new markets you otherwise wouldn’t have.


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