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Key Challenges Identified

Revenue Leakage & Operational inefficiencies due to supply chain challenges

Purchase Management Management

Purchase Management

Lack of actionable Data for Purchase Planning, Manual processes, Multiple vendors, Huge SKUs

Awareness Awareness

Lack of Supply Chain Transparency

If there are issues at any supplier or distributor’s facility, it could disrupt the entire production lifecycle, resulting in a loss in profits, as well as potential safety hazards.

Redundancy Redundancy

Forecasting Demand for Products

Not having advanced reporting tools may result in fail to meet the customer demand hence suffer lower sales.

Inefficient Logistics Inefficient Logistics

Controlling Inventory

Checking stock manually is veritably hamstrung and prone to errors that can lead to inaccuracies, dearths and overstock, as well as unidentified damages.

Why Distribution Module?

Traderaise Advantage


Route determination

Determine route based on the shipping party and ship to party information.



Free of charge delivery

Supply Chain

Warehouse management

Organise and control everything within your warehouse

Last Mile Delivery

Billing documents

Record all your relevant data on an invoice


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